Supervision & Security Services

Aircraft Supervision and Security
We understand the need to ensure that security is provided once you've exited your aircraft. If you require an aircraft hangar, fenced-in location or a ground supervisor, let us know and we'll do what we can to make sure the location you are arriving at is equipped to provide and take the needed precautions necessary to keep your aircraft safe. 
Client Security
If security for our client is requested, we can see to it that they are provided with the necessary protection. Our customer's safety and security is our first priority and one of the key reasons that International Aviation is one of the preferred flight support service providers in the industry for many VVIPs and government diplomats-because we take the utmost care in protecting our clients, with no compromises whatsoever!
We have a safety driven philosophy backed by a strong corporate operational support team with a proven track record in delivering cost effective solutions which enhance our customers' experience. 


Accreditations & Associations



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